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Geocaching the new hook - also in Bavaria!

 It is quite astonishing how many people are falling for that new hobby which was invented in the US in the year 2000. And it's spreading continuously since. They are young, they are old, as well as in between like me. Some get hooked right away some not at all. I've never been so often outside in the nature before as I've been since I started that hobby. Even bad weather doesn't keep me inside.

  What's it all about?  It is a treasure hunt by using a hand-held GPS system, to find the physical location of a hidden plastic box that contains a little logbook and a few cheap trading items. The details have been registered by the owner of the cache in the internet giving instructions, map coordinates and other guidelines about the cache location. You go and find it, log your visit by writing the date and name into the booklet and later on at home you register your visit as well in the internet. It is also good practice to exchange litte trading items. You take one and you leave one. No down trading please.

 You just cannot get away anymore when you are hooked. These caches are spread all over the world.
Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that's happening right now, all around you. Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that's happening right now, all around you. There are 2,777,934 active geocaches and over 15 million geocachers worldwide ( Feb 2016).
Don't hesitate to contact me when you want to know more about it, or follow one of the links to the Geocaching site of your country for more information: or or   The American .com site is the official site for Geocaching.

 I have recently been made aware about another very good site for Geocaching starters: Thank you Angela.

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Happy hunting! 

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