March 2003 in Australia

(and I get there again - hopefully soon)

This years holiday down-under was really nice. There wasn't a thing I didn't like.
See a few pictures from our tour we did on the west and east side of this wonderful continent.

Dubai Airport                                                                     Perth down-town

Busselton harbor                                                                     Friendly landlords in Busselton

A few miles into the bush near Perth                                            Lis @ Eagle Bay after Busselton

Fremantle near Perth                                                       Trevor and Michelle (friends from the UK, now in Aussieland)


 On the Yallingup Beach after  bad weather                                                Nice flower bush near  the Gloucester Tree


The white sands of  Esperance                                                       Karri Forest south of Perth 


                 A park near the 'TreeTopWalk'                                              At the Gloucester Tree. She even went up to the top!!     

more pictures.........???  (YES)

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